Better Than Google: Where to Turn for Living, Active Answers

“The unfolding of your words gives light; it gives understanding to the simple.” –Psalm 119:130, NIV

Today, unless you’re in the middle of the woods (hopefully not lost!) without cell phone service, or on a vacation purposefully unplugged from myriad media, you will have an endless supply of information at your fingertips. On your smartphone alone, you can instantly view the weather report, get directions to the nearest Starbucks, access your email, send a tweet, snap a photo for Instagram, or write “Happy Birthday” on a friend’s Facebook wall. You might even call someone. Whenever you have a question, whether it’s finding out who sings the song you’re currently jamming out to in the coffee house or how to remove a coffee stain (See what happens when you jam with coffee?), we can easily find answers simply by typing – or speaking – a few words. But there are some questions that not even the most sophisticated smartphones, tablets, and computers can answer.

I feel so down today. How can I feel better?

I feel totally unhappy at my job. Should I quit?

I feel like my marriage is falling apart. What do I do?

I’ve been having a really negative attitude lately. How can I change that?

I feel totally worthless. Does anybody truly care about me?

Sure, Google will pull up articles, blogs, organizations, videos, you name it that address your question. But given that there are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of possible solutions whizzing through cyberspace, wouldn’t you like to find one source with all the answers?

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There is a Source that is infinitely more intelligent and unfathomably faster than the Internet. And not only that, it’s alive. Hebrews 4:12 says this Source, the Word of God, is living and active!

Today’s verse from Psalm 119 tells us that Scripture gives light and understanding. In a world of darkness, chaos, and confusion, I cannot think of a better place to go for comfort, guidance, peace, and affirmation than the divine pages of God’s unchanging Word. When you have a question, concern, problem…anything at all…use the wireless connection you have with your heavenly Father to ask for answers, clarity, and calm. Go to God’s proven, unfailing mode of communication, His Word, to receive truth that will slice like a sword straight through to your soul.


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