DianaFit Workout du Jour and the Importance of a Warm-Up!

Soooo…yesterday I committed a major workout “No-No” that broke the rule all of us, whether trainer or trainee, learn the first day we walk into a gym or CrossFit box: “Warm up, warm up, warm up!”

While explaining and demonstrating the movements of my client’s workout yesterday — which included deadlifts — she asked me what my max deadlift was. I told her the last time I maxed was back in November, and at that time, it was 225. She looked at the bar, then back at me, then at the bar, and then she said it:

“Can I see you do it?!”

You can guess what followed. I did 225, and did it with relative ease, I might add, considering that same lift five months ago was, I’m sure, one of the most excruciatingly slow movements ever performed by a homo sapien; it took every fiber, even every follicle of hair, to get that blasted bar off the floor!

Anyway, if that wasn’t shameful enough for a personal trainer who demands that her clients warm up for at least five to ten minutes, I thought I might see if I could get a new PR (personal record): 230 pounds.

Well, I did it. Mission accomplished, high-five received, “That’s awesome!” exclaimed. After the congratulations and endorphin rush faded, the pain arrived like an uninvited uncle who likes to give noogies. The middle portion on the left side of my back was significantly tweaked, as they say, and needed an impromptu ice pack of mixed vegetables and a well-cushioned sofa on which to recline a.s.a.p.!

Lesson learned! I had a wonderful workout planned for yesterday that had to be rain-checked because soooommmmmebody just had to show off! “Pride cometh before the fall,” as King Solomon said. It also cometh before unpleasant workout injuries brought upon  by pure, adulterated negligence. 😛

Thankfully, my healing regimen of ice and do-nothingness worked rather well; I was able to workout again today, but did bodyweight-only exercises just to be cautious…after warming up sufficiently!

Here’s the workout:

5 rounds:

  • 20 air squats
  • 10 knees-to-elbow (substitute with sit-ups if you did knees-to-elbows recently)
  • 15 decline push-ups
  • 5 chin-ups (do assisted chin-ups using a band or machine if you cannot do them unassisted)
saw this on Pinterest and found it rather humorous! 😉

Stay fit, stay faithful, stay smart about your workouts! ~<3 Diana