DianaFit Workout du Jour: Squats & Snatches!

Hey, everyone! Hope y’all had a wonderful weekend! My husband Ben & I experienced an incredible “Weekend to Remember” at a Christian marriage conference in Fort Worth. We can’t recommend it highly enough; whether you’re engaged, newlyweds like yours truly, or you’ve been together for decades, this two and a half day getaway will bless, encourage, strengthen, and inspire you, I promise! We plan to go again and again! Marriages are one of Satan’s favorite battlegrounds, one he’s reduced to a vulnerable playground, sad to say; no couple can ever acquire enough wisdom, seek out enough insight, or receive enough advice with which to fight back and stay strong as far as I’m concerned! You can learn about the conference here.

Today’s workout was programmed by my dear husband, so you may direct all complaints to him, @BTXFIT ;-). I just did it and feel great! Heavy squats, in my opinion, are truly one of the most empowering (literally and figuratively!) exercises, and the snatch is one of the most complicated athletic movements, so having to do a lot of them in this workout has definitely made me feel more confident with it!


Note: These back squats require a squat rack as the weight will be too heavy to clean off of the ground. 

  • 5 reps of back squats at 65% of your max.
  • 5 reps of back squats at 70% of your max.
  • 5 reps of back squats at 80% of your max.


  • 30 back squats at 55% of your max
  • 30 snatches with barbell only (no weight!)
  • 20 back squats (same weight)
  • 20 snatches (same weight)
  • 10 back squats (same weight)
  • 10 snatches (same weight)

Confession! I did the first 2 rounds of back squats at just 50% of my max, and I feel so guilty because I know I could’ve and should’ve done it as prescribed! My legs were just so darned shaky from the heavy strength portion of my workout that I psyched myself out of 55%, which isn’t that much heavier! Anyway, give yourself ample rest between the strength section and the actual workout; walk around a bit, grab some water, and do the 55%! Don’t wimp out like i did! 😛

Stay fit, stay faithful ~<3 Di