Excellent New Children’s Book Teaches Healthy Eating


Recently I received a copy of a new children’s book called Larvie Learns a Lesson and was eager to give it a read with hopes that it would be a book that I could recommend to parents to help teach their young children about healthy eating and the dangers of junk food. I am delighted to report that I was not disappointed!

Larvie Learns a Lesson is a charming, well-written book by the doctors of BMI of Texas about a young caterpillar named Larvie who learns that a vibrant, healthy life begins with wise, responsible decisions regarding food and exercise.


Larvie Learns a Lesson


Larvie’s parents prepare wholesome meals for their son, but as Larvie grows older, he is tempted to try the irresistible-looking junk foods that flash before him in TV commercials. Soon, Larvie’s nutritious habits are replaced by a harmful addiction to unhealthy foods, such as sodas, donuts, cookies, and crackers. He eats so much of the fat-filled, sugar-laden rubbish that he becomes severely overweight, begins to feel sluggish and unable to breathe easily, and is even diagnosed with high blood pressure and diabetes!

Right away, Larvie’s doctor tells him that he needs to exercise, watch less TV, and eat healthy again, like his parents taught him to. Larvie obeys the doctor’s orders and sets out to get into the best shape possible so that he can spin a cocoon and become a strong, vivacious butterfly. His energy returns, his diabetes and high blood pressure go away, he begins to lift weights and play soccer again, and even teaches his friends the lessons that he’s learned.

Larvie reaches his goal, and while in the best shape he’s ever been in, he spins his cocoon and emerges with beautiful, robust wings that have been built by healthy foods and regular exercise.

With bright, cheerful illustrations and straightforward, easy to understand prose, Larvie Learns a Lesson teaches children about the dangers of junk food and a sedentary lifestyle and does so clearly and concisely, without being heavy-handed or employing fear-inciting rhetoric to convey its message.

As a CrossFit coach, I will be recommending this book to the parents of small children that I train; it’s never too early to start teaching your child the importance of healthy eating and leading an active lifestyle. Kudos to the authors, doctors Mickey Seger, Melinda V. Gonzalez, and Terive Duperier (http://www.bmioftexas.com/) , for writing such a timely book that should be in every child’s bookshelf.


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