Hallway Adventures and Brand New Businesses: Embracing the Unknown

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I know memes are silly. I mean, how else do you describe the ubiquitous  “Grumpy Cat” telling you in a hundred different ways how much he hates you, or the familiar face of Willy Wonka speaking condescendingly about your North Face Jacket?



Memes are amusing electronic messages indeed, but some of the images are downright fascinating in their ability to strike a chord and connect us instantly with virtual (literally) strangers. For example, this one:

 going on an adventure

You may be scratching your head wondering how in the world I relate to this meme’s maker, seemingly a Hobbit-happy errand enthusiast. And I can’t say I blame you. But when I saw the meme, I immediately imagined my apple polishing second grade self being called upon by Mrs. Ackerson to return a video to Mrs. Wilson’s classroom down the hall, or being released from class early to go see the orthodontist about the gap between my two front teeth. I really did feel like Bilbo Baggins frolicking out of humdrum Hobbiton and into the crisp colorful pages of an epic adventure story.  A great big world was waiting for my eager feet (feet that do NOT resemble Hobbit feet!) to tread and dance upon it, and I couldn’t get out the door fast enough.

To me, elementary school hallways and mythic Middle-earth serve as metaphors for the Unknowns in life, those curious question marks that hover over the horizon, challenging us to leave the familiar classrooms and Hobbit houses of life and journey to the shimmering edge of our comfort zones.


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve slammed the door in the face of Unknowns and, like Bilbo to Gandalf when he was chosen to be the dwarves’ “burglar,” cried “Me? No! No! No! No!” But when I trust God and have faith in His plan and faithfulness, I believe and act on Gandalf’s words:

 “The world is not in your books and maps. It’s out there.”

Yesterday marked one year since Ben and I opened CrossFit 925. On that day, a once nebulous, monochromatic dream leapt to life and became a vivid, vibrant reality. You could say that together, hand in hand, we skipped out of The Shire, embarking on an exciting expedition through the legendary vastness of Middle-earth. (You could also say we opened a CrossFit gym in a strip center between two Mexican restaurants, but the former way is so much more fun!)

Certainly risks are involved when it comes to opening a business, leaving a job and starting a new one, moving to a new city, even starting a fitness program like CrossFit. What if the business fails? What if I’m more unhappy at my new job than I was at my last one? What if I injure myself doing CrossFit? But what if…what if the Unknown in question is one of the greatest gifts you could ever receive, and all it takes is a bit of faith in the Giver to untie the bow, unwrap and enjoy it?

satruday wod
A few of our CrossFitters during a Saturday Community workout!

Had Ben and I let the fear of failing and the weight of risk-taking overcome us, we wouldn’t know the tremendous joy that accompanies helping men and women become their fittest. We wouldn’t have the memories of watching people achieve what they previously thought impossible to accomplish. We wouldn’t have the precious friendships that have been forged though blood, sweat, and yes, tears, too. And most of all, we wouldn’t have the testimony of God’s goodness and unfailing love in our lives; it is only by His grace and guidance that we’ve successfully and safely left our hole in the ground, as Bilbo did, and journeyed “off into the blue,” toward the horizon where dreams are breathed to life.

2 Samuel 22:31: “As for God, his way is perfect; the word of the LORD is tried: he is a buckler to all them that trust in him.”

Stay fit, stay faithful ~<3 Di

cf 925 bday
One of our classes posing on our gym’s b-day yesterday!