Old Dog, Old Tricks: How the Devil Knocks Us Down

Happy Saturday, everyone!

First of all, a heartfelt “THANK YOU!!!” to everyone who took time out this week to tune in to my radio interview with Dr. Ray on the “Revolution of Health.” Saying “thank you” on a blog post is hardly a proper or adequate way to express just how grateful I am for the kind comments and generous “likes” via Twitter and Facebook; each one blessed and encouraged me enormously. (And truth be told, they are still blessing and encouraging and will do so for a while, I’m sure!!)

Totally changing subjects, many of you know that the foundational verse for my most recent book and ministry, Fit for Faith, is 1st Corinthians 6:19-20:

“Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own, for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body.” (ESV)

The Lord used this verse, among others, nearly eight years ago to heal me of the eating disorder that Satan was using to ravage my body and soul (John 10:10). You can learn the details of that time in my life here, but today I wanted to share a simple truth that has absolutely freed me from the infernal heaps of condemnation that the enemy launches my direction when I stumble and revert into past sins and struggles: Repeats of the same spiritual attack are to be expected.

I’ve shared publicly that while I was healed and I do stand victorious in Christ against anorexia and the depression and pride that birthed it, I am not immune to becoming ensnared again. I know from experience and from the testimonials and observance of others that conquering a trial, persevering through a tribulation, or resisting a temptation doesn’t drive Satan back to the drawing board where he angrily strikes through the demonic strategies that failed in your life as his soldiers scratch their heads and begin devising a brand new battle plan.


The devil is an old dog with old tricks. And just as he did with Jesus in the wilderness, he’ll flee when you resist him, but he’ll return after “a season,” when “an opportune time” presents itself (James 4:7, Luke 4:13). If he was able to knock you down and draw some blood with a particular dart, don’t doubt that he’ll select that same arrow from his arsenal again in the future when your defenses are down.

“Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes.” –Ephesians 6:11, NIV
Stress and idolatry are two hell-sent arrows that come whizzing into my path when verses like 1st Corinthians 6:19-20 become muted in my spirit by the raucous, fruitless efforts of my flesh. When I become anxious and turn to a WOD instead of God to clear my head. When I relieve stress by controlling my calorie intake with unhealthy compulsiveness instead of releasing all control to my heavenly Abba – daddy. If they endure long enough, these foolish activities lead me down a dangerous, dangerous road…
Just over a year ago, the twin arrows struck me again when a new city, new house, new life as a wife, and then a new business began, well, freaking me out a little bit. I began working out more and ignoring the Holy Spirit and my husband’s encouragement to rest, to turn to God, to be still (Psalm 46:10). Because I typically lose my appetite when I’m stressed, I was eating less. My temple wasn’t being honored at all, but instead, treated like a sheer sack of dust …which it once was before I believed and accepted the redeeming Light of God who sacrificed His life to dwell within it.
From the time of my wedding in December of 2011 to April of last year, my nearly 5’5 frame dropped ten pounds. With the patient and persevering prayers and encouragement of my husband and the Shepherd’s strong, steady staff pulling me gently back to His life-giving Word, the arrows have gone up in smoke again, and I am at a healthy weight once more. The two photos below show the progress I’ve made over the last few months.



feb 20 005










Whatever your weaknesses have been in the past, do not be afraid that they will one day overtake you when our age-old opponent finds you vulnerable. Instead, take heart and have hope that your Redeemer has already won the war and is with you this day to fight your battles.

“The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still.”-Exodus 14:14

According to the Temple Institute, the Daily Lotteries decided which priest would be privileged and honored that particular day to carry out the important Temple services. All the priests of the family clan who were serving that day would participate in this drawing. The illustration below speaks a powerful message to me. You see, those of us who have accepted Jesus as our High Priest have the privilege to tend to the holy temple that He inhabits, our bodies. No daily lottery. No special occasion. It’s every day, every hour, every second. What an honor, indeed!

daily temple lottery

Stay fit, stay faithful ~<3 Di