This Weekend’s Workout: Squat, Press, Jump!

My booty, quads, and shoulders are all relishing this day of rest! Yesterday’s workout — though just 13 minutes long — has made me more sore than the days of yore (just 8 months ago) in the “Globo Gym” when I’d spend 60-80 minutes giving equal attention to every shiny metal apparatus in the joint, from the Smith and leg extension machines to the beloved Butt Blaster! Yet more reasons to love CrossFit: 1) No complicated machines to induce anxiety (not to mention, unnecessary joint pain!) and/or wait around for while other peeps are occupying them. And 2)… Efficiency! The compound, functional  movements (meaning they translate perfectly into everyday life situations and activities) that CrossFit prescribes naturally do not require us to block out an hour of our schedules each day to train; at the intensity level we strive to maintain in CrossFit, the results we achieve in fifteen minutes most mainstream gym-goers today would be fortunate to obtain in an hour.

from the movie "Dodgeball" 😉

Okay, that’s my “CrossFit endorsement” of the day ;-). Now for my workout, programmed by my husband who, bless his heart, included tall box jumps despite the inevitable whining he knew very well may follow…

But I didn’t complain too badly. You’ll see in the workout that he wisely only gave me 4 reps of the 24-inch box jumps each round; there’s something about single-digit repetitions that instill confidence in we box-shy CrossFitters ;-). Here’s the workout:

6 Rounds (timed!) of:

    • 8 85-lb back squats
    • 8 25-lb dumbbell push-press
    • 4 24-inch box jumps

Remember to scale according to your strength level. Test the weights out before you start the timer, making 100% certain that the weight is manageable, i.e., not too heavy as to compromise good form, but not light enough to allow a sub-5 minute time! 😉

Hope you have fun with it! You’ll be feeling it the following day, I guarantee it!


Stay fit, stay faithful, ~<3 Di